162. Some New Exegetical Resources. Commentary on the Greek Text of Philippians

Over the past several years I prepared notes for a Greek New Testament reading group connected with Northwest Baptist Seminary, Langley, British Columbia. These notes are not intended to be exhaustive, but rather to provide exegetical guidance for those interested in reading the Greek text of Philippians. They are designed for your personal use and are not to be published without permission from the author. I have in some cases borrowed ideas from other New Testament exegetes and acknowledge in general my debt to them, but do not in every case indicate this in footnotes. I have used some standard abbreviations, e.g., NT (New Testament) LXX (Septuagint), etc.

You will find these listed under the tab “Exegetical Resources” in the main menu on the home page. If you click on “Exegetical Resources” it will present a drop-down menu indicating Philippians Chapter 1, Philippians Chapter 2, etc. If you tab on the heading it will bring up the notes for that chapter.

It is my prayer that these notes will enable you to discern the meaning of New Testament writers with greater precision, certainty and depth.

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