Commentary on 1 Peter

Analysis of Greek Text of 1 Peter With Brief Commentary

To use this commentary you will need a modest knowledge of Koine Greek. However, if you have an introductory text on New Testament Greek, you can probably make sense of most of it. Also, an interlinear text with English and Greek text will be helpful.

I have tried to give a bit more information about the Old Testament quotations, primarily from the Old Greek Translation of the Hebrew text. Please find a definition of the abbreviations used:

NETS          A New English Translation of the Septuagint (available online at

         MT              The Masoretic Text of the Hebrew Old Testament.(Biblia Hebraica                 Stuttgartensia, Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 1997)

NRSV         The New Revised Standard Version (English Translation)

         NA28           Edition of the Greek Text of the New Testament (Deutsche                           Bibelgesellschaft, 2012)

I have also had occasional recourse to the work of Mark Dubis I Peter a Handbook on the Greek Text (Baylor University Press, 2010).

This material is designed for personal use and not for publication.

If you have suggestions for improvements, please let me know.


Larry Perkins, Ph.D.