Preface to Matthew


The Gospel of Matthew stands first in the New Testament. This position testifies to its continuing significance for the church. This monograph provides an introduction to and  interpretation of this Gospel narrative. I have prepared it based on notes that I developed for teaching the exposition of Matthew’s Gospel numerous times at Northwest Baptist Seminary and the Associated Canadian Theological Schools from 2000-2017.

I have tried to indicate in footnotes the sources that have enriched my understanding of this Gospel, but undoubtedly have not identified all to whom I am indebted.

Of course, much more could and needs to be said about this Gospel than I have included in this monograph. However, I think that a careful reading of this monograph, done in tandem with a close reading of this Gospel’s narrative, will enable a person to grasp the writer’s key ideas about Jesus Messiah, his mission, message, and mode of ministry, and their continuing significance.

Larry Perkins, Ph.D.

November, 2020.