189. Analysis of the Greek Text with Brief Commentary on the Epistle of James

During the Covid-19 pandemic a number of people worked through most of the Greek text of James. I hosted a bi-weekly workshop online. Under the “Exegetical Resources” tab you will notes on the Greek text of the Epistle of James. These notes represent the materials I developed for the group’s weekly discussion. Their focus is the analysis of the Greek text of James as presented in NA28. From time to time I have found the comments by A.K.M.Adam James A Handbook on the Greek Text (Baylor University Press, 2013) helpful, but this analysis represents my own work. I acknowledge the comments and questions from the members of the workshop. They sharpened my understanding at various points.

I make this material available for your personal use. It is not to be distributed without my permission.

James cautions that not many should strive to be teachers because as humans we are prone to error. I trust that in this analysis you will meet the word of God and be challenged appropriately by it.