158. The Concept of ‘Reverence’ (hieroprepēs) in Titus 2:3.

In 1 Timothy 5 and Titus 2 Paul provides guidance to his protégés, Timothy and Titus, about their responsibility to care for senior ladies, many of whom would be widows, in the church. According to Titus 2.1 this is teaching … Continue reading

104. “Appointing” Elders or “Setting them in Order”(kathistẽmi)? Titus 1:5

In Titus 1:5 the apostle Paul instructs Titus, his designated ministry leader for the churches in Crete, to “straighten out the things left unfinished and appoint (katastẽsẽis) elders city by city” (NIV Translation). Paul’s wording here has led some to … Continue reading